Itzik's classes and lessons are being produced at the moment and will be up very soon.

Stay tuned for when they do.

My Online Class for beginners will be up and running soon! 

The course will create a drummer out of you, you will be drumming right from your first lesson!!

My goal is to make you a drummer that can play along to songs you love,

play the fills you always wanted to play, play correctly and at ease. 

My Drumming course will have full HD videos from up close, I will take you from the beginning, have you learn what needs to be done and how to practice it the correct way. 

It's not easy to find your drum teacher that has the right abilities to teach patiently and clearly how to play such a diverse musical instrument.


I have more then 12 years of experience of doing so!

This online course will fly you up quickly, You will also have live evaluation meetings with me online and private frontal lessons 1 on 1 ones you sign up!

I'm with you all the way! 




Dynamic Control



Chart Reading


Accent Control


Practice Properly

Hand & Foot Speed

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