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Itzik Cohen


מורה לתופים תל אביב


Itzik Cohen was born in Israel on 1981,

already at the age of 6 he showed signs of drumming abilities when he banged on pots and pans from his parents kitchen.

Itzik fell in love with music and aspecially drums when his father used to play records at home. The Pink Floyd, AC-DC and Led Zepplin's influances were just inevitable.

At the age of 8 he was already playing a drum roll for school events when the flag had to be raised in Memorial Day and other times, the sticking was there all along.

At the age of 14 Itzik played in a few bands built from close friends, preforming on stages, opening acts for large shows at the Independence Day performances in his home town.

Shortly after Itzik's military service he flew to NYC with 2 of his close friends, they have created the band "Days Like Months", recorded an album in Brooklyn and went on tours.

After that Itzik Joined the band "Tree of mind" and had done the same,

Recorded an album and wend on grand tours.

Itzik had started teaching drums at the age of 26, It began because people had approached him with requests. Since then Itzik had been teaching drums to enthusiast students that really want to create a sound of their own.

Itzik was always known for his unique sound and dynamics on the drum set.

Itzik had returned to Israel in 2015, after 12 years in the big apple.

Since then he had built his studio in Tel Aviv and is teaching drums to many happy students. 

Itzik had joined Eli Rozen and recorded drums for his third album "Light and Shadow",

The album was a big hit in Israel.

Itzik had worked with many singer song writers in NYC and in Israel and puts his main focus on recording, live shows and drum teaching.

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Itzik Cohen is an official Proud Endorsed Artist and Partner With Istanbul Mehmet 

Gear used is: 

15" Sahra Hi Hats

18" Share Crash

21" Anniversary 61st Ride

22" Sahra Ride

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