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Tool - "Pneuma"

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Rock On Fills
Rock On Fills

My Tonum Cymbals Set-Up:

15" Vintage Hammered Top Sanded Hi-Hat

22"  Vintage Sanded Ride

21" Karma Dry Ride

18" Vintage Sanded Crash

17" Karma Dry Crash

Jeff Buckley - "Dream Brother"

It's been forever that I wanted to

cover this song.

Here is a minute of it, My favourite part of this amazing song.

This Jeff Buckly album, This song, influanced me as a young boy. A genius drum part buy Matt Johnson. I'm very happy to play it for you. Dream Brother by Jeff Buckley Drum Cover - Itzik Cohen
Jeff Buckley "Dream Brother" Cover
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איך להקליט תופים, סאונד תופים, כרטיס קול לתופים זול, מיקרופון לתופים
"Pigeons" by Cushy
Itzik Cohen Playing Drums with shaker
Playing With a Shaker
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My Cymbal SetUp

New Release

New Album with Eli Rozen

"Light and shadow" 

אלי רוזן קליפ הופעה חיה איציק כהן מתופף אלי רוזן לב, איציק כהן הקלטה אולפן מתופף
Eli Rozen "Lev" Music Video