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Itzik Cohen


קטעי נגינה

איציק כהן מתופף מורה תופים תל אביב.jpg
איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Quick Demo for Istanbul Mehmet Line

North side track named "Busted",

Presenting the Sahra cymbal line for Istanbul Mehmet.

A solo on the backtrack with a pocket emphasis.

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Using Mullets, Side Snare & Double Bass

I took Martin Klem's track "Exploration Plundering" and altered it a bit to have a different time signature, for a more full and rich, thick context. Took my Mallets and started messing with it.

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Snare Shuffle mix of Foot Work

Music from Epidemic Sound, BlackLake Waters By Northside.

I chose here to play with sticks instead of brushes and take the song to a slightly different feel.

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Drum Solo, Minimal Set-Up

This is a part from Grant Lamotte's "Keep Walking".

I just had to take it and put my view on it.

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

My Previous Cymbal endorsement 


My Tonum Cymbals Set-Up:

15" Vintage Hammered Top Sanded Hi-Hat

22"  Vintage Sanded Ride

21" Karma Dry Ride

18" Vintage Sanded Crash

17" Karma Dry Crash

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

TOOL - Pneuma Drum Cover

Took the first segment of Tool's "Pneuma" snd decided to cover it. Such an amazing drum line..

it really demands it. 

שיעורי תופים גבעתיים רמת גן

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Soft, Play With FEEL

Lower Eastside Blues by Will Harrison, Music for Epidemic Sound.

It is important for us to listen to the song first and then imagine what could be on it. 

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Jeff Buckley Dream Brother

Jeff Buckley's "Grace" Album had a great influence on me as a drummer a musician. Especially "Dream Brother". I took a minute to put this wonderful part from that song. Enjoy!

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Groove it Out

Here is my take on Northside's "Gravel and Stone".

Track taken from Epidemic Sound.

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Dynamic Brush Playing

Sunrise By - Northside Beautiful country song, I had to take a minute of it and play.

איציק כהן מורה לתופים .jpg

Improve your way to coordination

Calibrating my Shure Beta 56A with AT2020 Over Heads, And Beta 52A on Bass, Along 1X SEE for Over All.

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