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My New Tonum Cymbals SetUp
My Cymbal SetUp

My Tonum Cymbals Set-Up:

15" Vintage Hammered Top Sanded Hi-Hat

22"  Vintage Sanded Ride

21" Karma Dry Ride

18" Vintage Sanded Crash

17" Karma Dry Crash


Y&I Music, The magnificant Yula and Isaac Came over to say hi and this is what came out of it.
NEW!! Y&I Music Video
Itzik Cohen Playing Drums with shaker
Playing With a Shaker
Itzik Cohen Covering Carter Mclean in Shadowboxing
Quick Fills RLK RLK
Lost In A Dream
An Ocean
7 Quick Drum Fills
Corner Boys
Hollow Head
Pigeons Cushy
Things To Do

New Release

New Album with Eli Rozen

"Light and shadow" 

Live on "Kan TV Show

"lev" Music video

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